“Who Am I? (What’s my name?)” asked Snoop Dogg

I fell pregnant towards the end of my PhD and - at 36 weeks pregnant in one of the hottest rooms in the department - I spent 4 very sweaty, hypertensive hours of my viva convincing the examiners I was an expert in my field of polymer chemistry. I passed with minimal corrections and went on to be induced for pre-eclampsia shortly afterwards. All was well, I could foresee no problems: my baby would go into full-time childcare and I would continue at breakneck speed along my chosen career path.

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Twitter changed my life

Twitter, the great leveller, has illuminated midwifery spheres that I could have only dreamt of last year as I embarked on my first year of a Midwifery degree at Coventry University

Life as a second year midwifery student

I used to work as a research chemist in my position as postgraduate research assistant at the University of Warwick with Professor Haddleton and Professor Bon. I was fully immersed in the world of synthetic polymer chemistry and blissfully unaware of the rigours of the role of a midwife in training. After graduating with my... Continue Reading →

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